The objective

We aim to promote a second life for Menorca's discarded fishing nets: recycling and upcycling


fishermen involved


kg collected nets

+ 192

users from social sectors reached


artisans and artists involved

The process

We believe in and create collaboration and circularity

The creators

Professionals from the artistic and craft trade involved in the project

A second life for discarded fishing nets

The creations

Our fundamentals


To provide a viable solution to a serious environmental problem.


To give value inter-union and intersectoral collaborative work.


To create circular economy, nourishing it with productive tools and resource

Would you like to help us achieve a plastic free island?

Menorca Preservation raises funds locally and internationally from people and companies that have strong connections to the island. These funds contribute towards local projects within our three work pillars: Sea, Land and Energy, with the aim of protecting and preserving the environment of Menorca, as well as its unique natural beauty. The Plastic Free Menorca Alliance is one of the projects promoted by Menorca Preservation. Would you like to join the change?

We firmly believe that supporting and reinforcing local initiatives is the way to create a significant positive impact and help contribute to the sustainable change that Menorca needs to preserve its spectacular environment. By filling out this form and with the donation you wish, we will be a little closer to achieving it. Thank you so much!

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